2017 February


Hard bronze shell, gooey motor oil center!

Sometimes old timey technology is just really satisfying.  And impressive!  If I heard on Gizmodo or whatever that someone had invented a self-oiling bushing material by crushing powered metal into a porous substance that then vacuum-impregnating it will oil so that it stayed lubricated even as it wore out, I would say, “THE FUTURE IS NOW!”  Sometimes, I guess, the future is 1930.  When you refuse to let go of the little ’70s rotor tiller because it was your mom’s, even though it needs parts that don’t exist any more and wasn’t meant to be taken apart in the first place, this is where you end up.  At the Gopher Bearing city desk, next to other retired grandpas holding oily rags containing greasy parts of junk that anyone else would have thrown in the dump.  And learning what a city desk is (it’s just an obsolete phrase for a customer service counter, that’s apparently only used in certain regions of the heartland.  You can’t even look that up in Wikipedia!).

Read about it on Wikipedia: Oilite

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